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HCH Sdn Bhd specializes in infrastructure development projects. We have been involved principally in Malaysia on several structural and infrastructural projects. 

HCH Sdn Bhd is supported by a professional and highly experienced management team, including personnel with a wealth of technical experience of handling major projects from Melati Ehsan Group, Samling Group, HOHUP Group, LBS Bina Group, SIMA Group, etc.

We are committed to growing positively in the construction industry by providing innovative solutions & the highest quality of construction services in a responsible manner. 

infrastructure malaysia
Earthwork Construction

We utilise the latest construction equipment specially designed to perform all tasks effectively and efficiently with the most minimal impact on the environment.

Bridge Construction

Our projects are built by an experienced and detail-oriented team to ensure that all highways and bridges are well built & safe to use.

infrastructure malaysia
Road Construction

We have a team of professional engineers to plan, structure and execute from head to tail of the project and complete on time. Professionalism guaranteed.

infrastructure malaysia
infrastructure malaysia

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